5 Best Flashlight Games For Kids (2023)

Warm summer nights call for flashlight fun that your kids will remember forever. Here are five fun games to play with flashlights:

1. Flashlight Tag

It’s just like traditional tag, but the catch is that you play it at night, and being tagged means getting lit up by a flashlight.

2. Catch The Light

Move the flashlight light all around the room or yard. At random times, stop the light. The goal of the game is to catch the light.

3. Flashlight Limbo

Just like limbo, but with the light of a flashlight instead of a pole. Lower the light after each round. If your body breaks the light as you go under, you’re out!

4. Shadow Puppet Charades

Give your child a shadow charade to act out or let them choose their own. Start with easy ones like a bunny or an alligator. Shine the flashlight on the wall, and have them try to make shadow puppets or images that reflect the word they’ve been given.

5. Flashlight Disco Party

Turn off the lights inside or head outside at night, blast your favorite music, and give everyone a flashlight to dance around with.

When you’re done playing games, snuggle up in bed or a DIY fort for flashlight story time.

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