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3 Easy Ways to Volunteer With Your Kids (That Are COVID-Safe!)

The pandemic has added so many challenges for us all, and especially to those who were already struggling before.

Our friends at Kids Impact Community are offering three simple ways to give back as a family this month:

1. Lifting Up Littles

October 5 – October 30


Has your little one outgrown some of their learning toys? Does your child have “doubles” of toys they could share with others?

Consider taking an hour or two to purchase new or collect gently used items to donate to the children of St. Francis Children’s Center Birth-to-Three Program. Services are provided to families regardless of their ability to pay. Some of the participants do not have toys, books or art supplies in their homes so the teachers, therapists, caregivers and kids have been finding creative solutions to completing daily tasks and therapies. There are Drop-Off locations in Glendale, Bayside, Whitefish Bay, Grafton, and Wauwatosa.

High needs inexpensive items include:

-Board book(s) with simple rhymes / songs


-Cube blocks

-Basic baby doll

-Plastic mirror


-Plastic animals / food / vehicles

-Simple wooden puzzles – 3 to 4 pieces

-Echo microphones


-pop up toys

-Ring standers

-lacing cards

-large string beads

-play dough

-play dough scissors

-shape sorters

-see and say

-dot paints

-pop tubes


-sensory bottles


Fall Clean Up for Seniors 2020

October 1 – October 31


This fall, KIC will assign one volunteer family to one senior’s home (think “adopt-a-grandfriend’s yard”). While remaining socially-distanced, we will be assisting elderly individuals in Milwaukee County prepare their yards for winter. Your family will have the month of October to complete the yard work (it does not have to be completed in one day). We will be doing yard work that may include raking, trimming bushes and pulling weeds. Great Family Volunteer Opportunity! Sign up your family this month for our annual KIC MKE Fall Cleanup for Seniors! Exact addresses in Milwaukee County will be given once registration is complete

Lunch Pack & Love

Event Date & Time: October 19th 1:00-8:00pm


Ages: All ages!


This month, KIC MKE will assist residents throughout the Greater Milwaukee community struggling with food insecurity. During this at-home event, children will assemble and pack lunches according to their ability. It is a fun project that will show our children that helping others is also something enjoyable! We hope that all of the children participating will grow in awareness of their capability to help others when their community needs it most. For more information, visit the Upcoming Projects on to register and learn more!

For more information on any of the projects, visit

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