Do you need an easy birthday party? Sky Zone Greenfield delivers.

We got home just a few hours ago from our party at the new Sky Zone in Greenfield, and let’s just say, my kids went to bed easily tonight. ????

I’m excited to partner with Sky Zone Greenfield so that I can give Milwaukee area parents insight into what a birthday party at their facility is really like.

The thing I liked best about this party was that I really didn’t have to do much in terms of planning. A few weeks before the party, I chatted with a Sky Zone employee about the party package I wanted, how many pizzas we needed, and that sort of thing.

Then we received an email that summarized everything we had discussed. It also had a link so that I could easily generate invitations to go out to my guests.

I appreciated that it was super easy for my guests to fill out the required waiver ahead of time. That saved us time and headaches on the day of the party.

And that was it for my planning!

On the day of the party, I just kind of showed up. ???? Our party host facilitated the check-in process, explained the rules to the kids, and checked in on us throughout the party.

There are 30 minutes built into the party schedule just to get everyone checked in and situated. SkyZone provided a cart for guests to place their belongings while we jumped.

Each child received a sticker to put on their shirt that indicated their jump time and when it expires. (They also got cool Sky Zone black strips to put under their eyes.)

Once the kids were let loose, I walked around taking pictures of all the fun they were having.

They started on the Warped Wall with a tricky curved incline, which you’ll find near the entrance. They could have played on this all day! After several attempts, they all headed to the Ninja Warrior Course, which is basically a huge obstacle course with tests of agility, speed, and strength.

Next, the kids made their way to the foam pit and Free Climb rock climbing wall. No harness necessary!

The rest of the time was spent on the trampolines, Skyhoops, and playing Fusion Ultimate Dodgeball.

After about an hour of jumping around, the kids were pretty hungry and gobbled down their pizza (made on-site, thick-crust, and pretty tasty!). We also ordered mixed fruit, soda, and juice for everyone.

Our host, Jay, set the entire party room up, helped serve the food and drinks to all the kids, and helped with clean up. He was like our own personal assistant from start to finish.

Everyone had a blast, the kids were zonked, and I can honestly say there was very little I had to do to prepare. ???? What more do I need?

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