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5 things we loved about Chasing Tales in Oak Creek

Indoor play areas are a parent’s best friend when our kids are bouncing off the walls at home. On rainy, cold days (hello, Wisconsin!), they come to our rescue. And when you simply need a change of scenery, it’s an indoor playground that will do just the trick.

Chasing Tales in Oak Creek serves all of these purposes, and more. With activities for a wide range of ages, organized story times and art projects, it’s a gem for families in the south suburbs of Milwaukee and beyond.

On a recent day off from school, I visited Chasing Tales with my two-year-old, four-year-old, and seven-year-old year old in tow.It’s not easy to cater to all of my kid’s ages and interests, but it actually happened! I’m happy to partner with Chasing Tales to give parents an inside peek into what they’ll find there.

Here’s what we loved about our visit to Chasing Tales:

1. There were activities for my 2-year-old, 4-year-old, AND 7-year-old. (It’s a miracle!)

After checking in, my kids ran straight to the enormous play area in the back, where you’ll will find a large jungle gym with a tall spiral slide, a giant checker board, a large selection of cars and push-toys, and a wide open area to play soccer or toss the football.

My seven year old stayed in the soccer / ball area, while my younger daughters tried out the rocking horses and rode the slides over and over (and over) again. We spent about and hour in this area, and could have continued for about an hour longer.

I’ve visited several indoor playgrounds, and this was one of the only locations that is equipped to serve such a wide range of ages.

2. Organized story time & craft included in price of admission.

After our play time in the back area, the friendly staff at Chasing Tales invited us for story time and a themed craft. We gathered inside of their brightly painted story time room and staff led us in a cheery introductory song. Then we read a sweet story about gardens and being kind.

Afterwards, we went back to the art studio (yes, there’s also an art studio!), and made flowers out of play-doh and pipe cleaners. My kids loved it, and I was so impressed that all of this was included in the price of admission.

Check their calendar online for dates and times.

3. You can bring in your own food and eat it in the picnic area.

This is a biggie for me. It can get expensive purchasing snacks and lunch for three kids, making it cost-prohibitive to go to an indoor playground often. At Chasing Tales, however, you have the choice to either purchase snacks from them, or bring your own. There’s a large picnic area to eat your food and contain the mess.

4. There’s more than one main play area.

At Chasing Tales, there are two main areas that each offer 1-2 hours of exploration for kids. So when your kids get tired of one area, you can head to the other one to get more bang for your admission buck.

In addition to the large area described above, there is a cozier room packed to the brim with books, toys, imaginary play sets, and costumes. My kids loved the bumble bee and butterfly costumes and pretend cash registers.

5. The staff are friendly and engaging.

The staff at Chasing Tales aren’t just punching the clock. They’re leading story time, tidying up, or chatting with customers. The woman who led story time when we visited was welcoming, engaging, and helpful during the story and craft activity.

Chasing Tales also offers birthday parties! Find out more about Chasing Tales on their website and Facebook page.

You can see more of our visit to Chasing Tales on our Instagram page saved in our story highlights under “Play Cafes”.

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