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SoJo Moccs for kids are local and lovable

One of the most inspiring parts of running is that I get to learn about new local businesses offering high-quality products for kids.

Lori and Scott Warhol reached out about their new company SOJO Moccs, a soft-sole baby moccasins line that they just launched in June.

They were inspired by their 18 month old daughter, Sophia Jo, who could never keep on a pair of shoes. (Sound familiar?) So they set out to solve the problem themselves.

They sent over a pair for us to try, and we tested them out during a family adventure to Shalom Wildlife Zoo. They definitely passed our comfort and cuteness test.

*Use coupon code MTM20OFF for 20% off an order.*

Our sweet model, Ella, explored a log cabin that housed Native American artifacts and a traditional drum.

The moccasins supported her little feet well while she ran around feeding the animals and climbing on the playground.

Did you know?

The word moccasin comes from the Algonquian word “maskisina” meaning shoes, and the word stuck around in English because this tribe was the first to have contact with white settlers. Moccasins were made from animal hide and were made in all different styles depending on the climate.

You can find out more about the complicated history of moccasins here and here.

The Oneida Nation lived in the land that is now Wisconsin for centuries before the American Revolution. You can learn more about them here.

Things I love about SOJO Moccs:

  • The classic style and neutral colors mean kids can wear them over and over with multiple outfits.
    • Their Trade-Up Program allows you to send in your used and outgrown moccs, and they send you a brand new pair (any style or color) in the next size. You save 40% off per pair of shoes.
      • They offer a non-skid options for kids who are just learning to walk.
        • They’ve partnered with two other local small businesses, The Burpin’ Baby (baby bandanas and burp clothes) and Tiny T’s Baby Apparel and Gifts (custom onesies), so you can create gift boxes with all local products.
        • You can find out more and order shoes on their website, Use coupon code MTM20OFF for 20% off an order.

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