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About me (and what I really hope for)

You might be perusing this website wondering about the human face behind it. It’s me! Hi! I’m Calie.

I’m so excited to re-introduce myself to new readers, right alongside the breathtaking photography of Melissa from Little x Little Photo. She schedules her shoots for right before sunset, and the natural light she pulls is nothing short of magical. (And, you can get 10% off a session if you mention Miltown Moms! ✨.)

So, here’s my little family. All five of us, ranging in age from two to 38. I’ll let you assign the numbers.

First came Hudson, named after the cabin Hudson Bay at Camp Minikani where my husband and I met. (His middle name isn’t Bay.)

Next came Rosie, my spirited and spunky artist who will only watch her television shows if she is wearing the appropriate costume and standing up.

And last came Mae (affectionately called Mae Mae by those who love her). She is also known as Monster Mae Mae since her primary activity is destroying all things around her.

Melissa captured such beautiful images of us at Klode Park in Whitefish Bay, running through fields of wildflowers as we typically do each day. 😉 You can see more of her work on her website.

When we’re not lying in fields, you can probably find us on an adventure somewhere around Milwaukee. And if not, you can bet that we are at home, and my children are asking me for snacks, and I’m wishing they would stop asking me for snacks.

There’s something else you should know about me. I pour my fricking heart and soul into It’s like my fourth child that I birthed and nurtured and have watched grow through the years. (Except it doesn’t ask for snacks.)

And I really hope you love it. I hope this website helps you make the most of Milwaukee. I hope the adventures you learn about here bring your family closer together. I hope my website makes Milwaukee stronger. I hope you’ll reach out and connect with me and tell me about yourself. Thank you for being here.

And *THANK YOU* for these gorgeous pictures to last a lifetime, Melissa. I’m seriously your number one fan! Learn more about Little x Little Photo.

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