Quick Guide: River Falls Family Fun Center

What: River Falls Family Fun Center features a miniature golf course with waterfalls, wooden fences, and well-manicured landscaping. They also have several batting cages and an arcade in inside.

Where: RFFFC is located at 5401 W Layton Ave. in Greenfield, not far from the expressway.

When: They are open seven days a week in the summer, weather permitting.

Ages: Mini-golf and arcade best for ages five and up. Batting cages best for ages seven and up.

Our experience: I’m always looking for ways to bond with my seven year old son, and this was the perfect place to spend the day with him.We loved trying our hand on the mini golf course together, and we were both surprised at how beautiful the landscaping was. The flowers were in bloom and the holes on the course was well-manicured. There were old fashioned accents such as a wheelbarrow and giant wheel, a waterfall, and a little river running through the course.

After we mini-golfed, my son enjoyed the batting cages, where they offer both slow and fast pitched baseballs and softballs. You can purchase tokens at the front desk for 12 pitches each.

We also loved playing the arcade games together, and we ended our visit with bright blue slushees (of course!).

This was really a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon as a family. Check their website for updated prices and information.

Learn more: riverfallsfamilyfuncenter.com

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