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Digital Ultrasound Pictures (Sponsored)

One of the most exciting days in a pregnant woman’s life is the day she sees her child for the first time via ultrasound.

The ultrasound photo is such a treasure, but they are typically printed on thermal paper which can diminish or fade over time, or worse, be misplaced in the craziness of life.

Now, you can instantly get digital images of your ultrasound on your cell phone, and save and download them forever.

I know this is a service that I would have *loved* to take advantage of when I was pregnant, so it seemed like a natural fit to partner up with Moreland OB-GYN for this post.

Moreland OB-GYN & Associates is the first Wisconsin-based healthcare provider to implement Tricefy Medical Imaging Technology, an innovative web-based management platform that instantly sends information from medical imaging equipment to any mobile device including phones and tablets.

The new technology allows sonographers to text or email expectant mothers and fathers a secure link to their baby’s 3D ultrasound images or 4D videos. Patients can forward the link to friends and family, post images to social media, and download and save images forever.

Simple access to view and share the precious images of a baby is especially helpful when a partner is not able to be present for the appointment.

“It’s amazing you can get images the same day, real-time, and be able to share with people who may not be able to be there, like a husband who is traveling for work.” said expectant mother, Lea Dawson. “You can print and keep the images, and the quality is so much better than printing from an original ultrasound.”

The platform also allows physicians to collaborate with colleagues and instantly obtain second opinions. As the demand for rapid diagnosis increases, using technology to share images solves many communication challenges.

Tricefy will provide Moreland OB-GYN & Associates’ providers with convenient, remote access to images and reports, and a highly secured, HIPAA compliant environment to upload, store and view on any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

For more information about Moreland OB-GYN & Associates and the organization’s latest healthcare and technology advancements, visit

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