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Medieval Times unveils new show, with woman as lead for first time ever

A few weeks ago, my husband and six-year-old son embraced their geekier side, and headed down to Illinois for a special unveiling of Medieval Times’ new show.For the first time since 2012, Medieval Times in Schaumburg is unveiling an all-new story line, with a woman at the reins. (Who run the world?) It’s the first time a female is the show’s lead role, playing the sole ruler of the land.

Queen Maria Isabella is cast as a firm but kind ruler, respected throughout the kingdom, who inherited the throne from her father. Her authority is sometimes challenged, but she quickly asserts herself as the leader. She is the first female royal to ride a horse in a Medieval Times show.

The company’s leadership developed the idea in response to guest feedback about wanting to see women in more significant roles.

Jousting, fighting, horsemanship, swordplay, and a fresh hot, four-course feast remain central elements of the attraction. You’ll also see:

-Newly choreographed fight scenes and equestrian displays

-Over 700 spectacular new costumes, custom-designed and hand-made

-200 new suits of armor, shields, and helmets, hand-made at an armory in Florida.

-250 team members and 225 horses who have trained for three months for the current show

-New music composed by Dr. Daniel May, who has worked with Sting, The Moody Blues, and others.

To find out more about Medieval Times, head to their website.

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