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Local moms & Toyota collect children’s books for charity

It’s been so well researched and widely documented: Babies. Need. Books.So I was genuinely inspired to act when Toyota contacted me about partnering on a book drive in honor of National Read a Book day on September 6th.After weighing my options, I decided against a traditional book drive in which people have to actually leave their home to drop off the books at a central location. Our lives are so busy. Why make it any more difficult than it needs to be, right?!

Instead, I ran a fully mobile book drive with door-to-door service. Generous moms from all over the city set out their gently used board books for babies and toddlers. And I drove around from doorstep to doorstep, collecting their donations for Easterseals of Southeastern Wisconsin.

The friendly folks at Toyota dropped off this gorgeous 2017 Sienna for us to run around town in. And the day has officially arrived where I feel super-cool in a mini-van.

But seriously, look at this gorgeous vehicle:

That wooden finish interior, though.

My little ones LOVED the sunroof above them, and they’re still asking me why I didn’t buy this van. Oh, if it were only that simple!

We drove and drove, from Glendale to Milwaukee to Wauwatosa to Muskego to Oak Creek and back again. The kids laughed. The kids cried. The kids sang. The kids whined. And finally, the kids slept.

Everyone who donated books received a little something from Toyota and yours truly, because their donations are SO APPRECIATED!

We ended up with piles of books for babies and toddlers who need them. Look how pretty they look in the back of that Sienna.

Then we were off to our favorite charity, Easterseals of Southeastern Wisconsin. The staff in their birth-to-three program will be bringing these books to low-income families who need more books in their home.

My sincere wish is that these families enjoy the stories and snuggles that these books bring to them.

Thank you for partnering with me on this wonderful cause, Toyota. And thank you to the generous moms who donated!

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