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I’m obsessed with my new stationery

I love writing handwritten notes, but my stationery collection had recently gone from plentiful to really slim pickins.So I was legitimately excited when Basic Invite contacted me to do a sponsored post about their products.

Basic Invite is all about invitations and cards.

Like actual, printed, hold-in-your-hand invitations and cards. The kind you get in the mail, and you become filled with excitement to have something addressed to you, because it isn’t a bill or a magazine you never subscribed to.

And they’re beautiful.

You can order them for baby showers, birth announcements, holiday cards, whatever!

They offer pretty much unlimited colors with instant previews, which was really nice when I was designing my very own stationary. (It’s amazing how much time you can obsess over two different shades of teal!)

And you can change the color of every element on the card, so it can be super personalized down to the last detail. You can even choose a colored envelope that goes perfectly with your design.

You can also receive an actual, real-life sample so you can see exactly what it will look like before placing your final order.

Me? I like to live on the edge, so I just trusted the universe and ordered my personal stationary without a sample.

And it turned out great. Look how cute!

Yeah. I’m pretty excited!

It’s just so much nicer to write real-live notes, and with personal stationary that’s so cute, I’ll be even more likely to do it.

Head over to Basic Invite to create your own!

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