Fourth of July safety tips for kids

This post is part of a series that focuses on children’s and women’s health, as part of a sponsored partnership with Aurora Health Care.I will never forget the fourth of July weekend that my family experienced last year.

We were up north, as we usually are on the fourth of July.

I was indoors, playing on the floor with my youngest child. All of the sudden, my husband burst through the door carrying my five-year-old, blood dripping onto the floor from his head.

Both of them had a shocked look on their face, and there was a gaping hole in my son’s forehead, just beside his left eye.

They had been playing outside, completely supervised, when my son’s head met the blunt metal handle of a wheelbarrow, full speed.

One concussion, 5 stitches, and four hours later, he was home resting.

He still has a scar on his face (which adds character!), and I am scarred emotionally.

I swear to you I will never fully relax again.

Accidents and injuries happen, and especially over a holiday weekend like the Fourth of July. But here are a few safety reminders to minimize them for your family:

1. Talk to your kids about the dangers of fire.

Like, today. Have the conversation.

Fireworks, sparklers and campfires are going to be aglow this fourth of July weekend, and your kids need to know the dangers of fires and burns. Set the limits with them now to prevent injuries later.

2. Stay hydrated.

Not only does drinking enough water prevent irritability (and whining!), it also prevents more serious conditions associated with dehydration. Get your child a water bottle they love to carry around, and remind them often of the importance of drinking H20.

3. Wear a helmet.

Every time. On anything with wheels.

Childhood concussions are not to be messed with. According to Aurora pediatrician Dr. Laura Duncan, we are learning that childhood concussions heal differently than adult concussions, and it’s really important to prevent them from happening when you can.

Check out our recent Facebook Live about childhood concussions, where we even checked out a gooey re-creation of the human brain.

To find out more about common injuries and how to prevent them, click here.

What other safety tips do you have for the Fourth of July weekend? Share them with other parents by commenting below.

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