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Girls Day Idea: Seven Seat Bike Tour

I am still reeling from an epic visit with my girlfriends.Last Friday, three of my dearest friends who I studied abroad with during college came up to spend the day in little old Milwaukee.

And the pressure was on to show them a good time!

Luckily, Shlomo from Seven Seat Bike Tour had contacted me about covering his Third Ward Food Tour on the blog. (You will get to know either Shlomo or another tour guide quite well during your experience!)

The stars aligned, and before we knew it, my friends and I were aboard a bright red circular bike on a beautiful summer day, breezing past Polish Fest, innocent pedestrians, and the historic sites of one of Milwaukee’s oldest neighborhoods.

Here is our pre-cocktail portrait:

Our first stop was Cafe La Scala at the Italian Community Center, where we enjoyed their signature bruschetta and charcuterie platter.

Then we were off to Riverfront Pizza where we were seated outside right along the river. It was the quintessential summer afternoon in the Third Ward.

Our tour guide pointed out that the boardwalk along the river is covered in a written history of Milwaukee. (I’ve been on this riverwalk dozens of times, and apparently have never looked down long enough to notice.)

I especially loved that when we arrived at each stop, our tables were pre-set for us. We felt like VIPs the whole day.

At our next stop, Screaming Tuna, we had the best seats in the house, right along the Milwaukee River. We got to sample several different sushi rolls, including some non-fish options.

Their cocktails were excellent. Our personal favorite, the “Snapchat”, was made with Plantation 5 Year Rum, lime juice, pressed sugar snap pea & fennel, and simple syrup.

(Side note: Cocktails are the only thing not included in the tour price.)

After three full courses, the food tour switched gears and focused on dessert.

We ventured out of the Third Ward for just one stop to indulge in some ah-mazing truffles at Indulgence Chocolatiers. I can’t write enough good things about the powerful flavors, perfect wine pairings, and knowledgable


We enjoyed the Thai Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Coconut Habanero, and more. They were gorgeous, and they tasted as good as they looked.

We ended our (almost four hour long!) tour at Red Elephant Chocolate on Broadway. They offer three ice cream flavors, and we treated ourselves to the seasonal special, mint chocolate chip. It was so refreshing in the heavy heat of last Friday.

Red Elephant Chocolate also sells chocolate (duh), and look how pretty they are in the case:

If you’re looking for a unique adventure, or to learn more about the history of the Third Ward, you’ll enjoy this food tour. Shlomo also offers a Ghastly History of the East Side Tour.

For more information, visit

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