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Spa Day for kids at “A Hair For Kids Salon”

I swear I’m not raising my daughter in a gender-biased way!She just honestly loves all things glitter, so I’m going with it. I’m honoring her unicorn spirit animal.(Also, it’s pretty awesome to have a miniature manicure buddy.)

So I was really excited when Kathy, the owner of A Hair for Kids Salon in New Berlin invited my daughter and I out for a day of pampering, for this sponsored post.

A Hair for Kids Salon is located at 14023 W. Greenfield Ave., within a shared salon space, and it occupies a large section towards the back.

(There are hair-stylists for adults towards the front of the space. If you need your kids to be entertained while you get your hair cut, this is your place.)

One room is used for haircuts for kids, with Disney-themed chairs, televisions, and employees who are seasoned pros at working with kids.

But the fun really begins in the party room, located next to the haircut space.

The lights are dimmed, the disco lights are glowing, the teeny-bopper music is playing, and the Hello Kitty spa chairs are beckoning. They even have karaoke and a decked out party table if you’re having a birthday party!

We started with a manicure and pedicure, and my daughter chose the glitteriest pink available, to the surprise of no one. (Can glitteriest be a word now?)

She got these fancy anklets to top off her pedicure, because these are absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, they do not have these in adult sizes.

After her manicure and pedicure, it was time for a fancy shmancy up-do, Toddlers in Tiaras style. I can barely get her hair into a pony tail, so it was fun to see something professional being done on her sweet little head.

Her up-do was topped off with a crown, flower barrette, and fairy dust, of course.

To end our spa day, Rosie got to stop at the make-your-own lotion and lip gloss station. (The lip gloss is edible, and does not leave much of a color on the lips.)

She chose a combination of cotton candy and strawberry, because why not?

The whole day was over-the-top, in a really fun way. Rosie looked and felt like an actual princess, and it was a unique way to spend the morning together.

They do birthday parties, too! Check out their website for more information.

Thank you so much, Kathy, and the whole crew at A Hair for Kids Salon, for hosting Rosie and I. We will be back!

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