Mom & me weekend at The Abbey Resort

Okay, people. Just being real for a second.Being a parent – a good parent – is just downright difficult sometimes. The tasks seem to never end. And right when I think I’m done for the day, someone’s out of bed again, or I realize there’s a load of laundry waiting for me.

I feel so lucky to have my three beautiful, healthy kids. I thank the universe every single night for my sweet little monsters.

But I know that in order to give them my best and most joyful self, I have to have to have to take care of myself, too.

So I was so very thrilled when The Abbey Resort in Fontana invited my mom and I to enjoy a quiet weekend getaway among their beautiful grounds and tranquil spa.

We started our girls weekend in Lake Geneva, shopping downtown and strolling along the waterfront.

This is truly my happy place. We especially loved the home decor at Brick and Mortar home, the shoe selection at Bootery, and the fudge at Kilwin’s.

After we satisfied our shopping needs, we took a beautiful 15 minute drive to The Abbey Resort in Fontana.

The day was chilly, but we lucked out with the sunshine. This part of the state is a bit more hilly than the metro Milwaukee area, and I felt like I was driving through the set of Dawson’s Creek.

(Remember that show?! I thought Joey Potter was the coolest person on earth. And Pacey! Oh, Pacey.)

The grounds at the resort were beautiful, covered in freshly bloomed red and yellow tulips and perfectly manicured lawns.

This was the reception area (pictured below). I just wanted to sit down next to the fireplace and read a book. I kept looking over my shoulder, not really believing I was really alone and free to relax.

Our room was warm and cozy and felt like a cottage. We could step out onto the balcony and enjoy views of the lake, piers and terrace. It was incredibly peaceful.

When we ventured out to explore the resort, we quickly stumbled upon the children’s center, where families can make appointments to drop their kids off in a safe and fun environment.

And I immediately started missing my kids, of course. But it looked really fun!

Our next stop was the spa, where we enjoyed the steam room and sauna before our scheduled massages. There’s also a whirlpool to relax in before or after your service, and a huge pool atrium filled with light.

My mom had an especially exceptional massage experience. Her masseuse had a background in chiropractic care and really customized her massage to address my mom’s aches and pains.

Boy, it had been a really rough day already, but it was time for dinner. 😉

Dinner was at 240 West, the resort’s signature restaurant. We started with a cheese plate to die for that included fig jam, stone ground mustard and salted pumpernickel bread. All of it tasted as good as it sounds.

For our entree we both ordered the grilled vegetable stack, mostly because we were feeling guilty about our fudge from earlier. It was fresh and colorful, and very flavorful.

And yes, I ordered dessert. (Maybe I wasn’t feeling so guilty about the fudge after all.) Their flourless chocolate cake was so rich and creamy, we could barely finish it, but somehow we managed.

After a full night’s sleep that was not interrupted at all by anyone (!!!!!), we headed to the gym. It’s located inside of the spa and has all the equipment you need for a good full body workout.

Then it was off on the road again, among the beautiful countryside. And before I knew it, I was back to reality.

But I was recharged and refueled, and ready to be an awesome mom again.

Thank you so much to The Abbey Resort from my mom and I both. We will be back!

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