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Frugal Friday: Kids shoes at Nordstrom for less

I’m partnering with Groupon for this post, and I decided to rave about Nordstrom’s kids’ shoe department at Mayfair Mall.Because it’s amazing.I’ve visited three times so far, and each experience has been so positive.

The salespeople could not be more helpful and attentive. They measure your child’s feet, bring them a balloon, and are very friendly with the little ones. One of them even called me the other day on my way home from work to see how the shoes had worked out. (Don’t tell my husband that I’m making friends with Nordstrom salespeople.)

They also have a large interactive game screen to distract your children when needed.

Not to mention the fun and adorable styles they offer. (Have you tried Plae shoes? My son loves them, and they are washable and customizable and so cool.)

The only problem with the kids’ shoe department at Nordstrom is the price of many of the brands. 🙂

That’s where Groupon comes in. Check out the deals they are currently offering at Nordstrom!

Let me know if there are other kids’ shoe places I should be checking out, and have a great weekend, everyone!

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