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New north shore chiropractor focuses on kids and families

This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Epic Family Chiropractic.Have you been looking for a chiropractor for yourself or your children?Tucked conveniently behind East Towne Square in Mequon, Epic Family Chiropractic is focused on bringing chiropractic care to kids and families in the north shore and beyond.

Here are some ways that Epic Family Chiropractic is friendly to kids and families:

1. Play area and layout for kids

When you enter the office, it’s clear the open and modern space was designed with kids and families in mind.

The play area in front has a kid’s table with coloring books, crayons, blocks, trucks, and a hopscotch rug. Kids also love the stickers they get at the end of their adjustment.

Beyond the play room, there are step stools in the bathrooms and next to the adjusting tables to help little ones reach things more easily.

The benches in the adjusting and exam rooms let full families sit down together with plenty of space for everyone’s coats and diaper bags. (It’s the little things!).

2. Private nursing room

For nursing moms, the clinic provides a private, relaxing space with a glider and a changing table. Moms frequently use the space to change a diaper or feed their baby if they want privacy.

3. Pregnancy accommodations

The clinic provides an adjusting table specifically for pregnant moms that allows them to lay on their bellies safely and comfortably. There are also special pregnancy pillows for pregnant moms that double as a place to lay babies down for their adjustments.

4. Easy parking

Dr. Lauren specifically picked this Mequon location because of the ease of getting to it and the ample parking for mini-vans and large vehicles. Patients can easily park very close to the door to enter the clinic. (No panicked parking lot situations here!)

5. Community feel

Many families come in all together for adjustments. Dr. Lauren will even do things like ‘adjust’ a doll to make the appointment more relatable for kids.

The staff focuses on building relationships with patients. Everyone is greeted by name and their outside lives are valued.

Because of how open the clinic layout is, Dr. Zokan says its not uncommon for families to recognize other families they know. Appointments often turn into play dates with kids playing together in the toy area.

6. A doctor who’s passionate about treating kids and families

Dr Lauren is passionate about focusing specifically on kids and families. She wants to prevent health problems before they start and find the root cause of problems. Her goal is to keep the body functioning as it should, and help her patients live as healthy a life as possible.

She became interested in chiropractic care after visiting a chiropractic office as a last resort for chronic sinus infections. When she stopped getting sinus infections, she knew she wanted to start educating people about the many benefits of chiropractic care.

After deciding to focus on children and pregnant women, she completed over 200 additional hours of training in pediatrics and pregnancy.

Dr. Lauren says “I could never call this my ‘job’ because I don’t consider it work. When an exhausted Mom comes in with her baby who is screaming for hours because they have colic and no one in their house is sleeping and their worlds are turned inside out and I can give them hope and help their baby, then I have made a huge impact and helped someone.”

What can chiropractic care do for you and your kids?

Chiropractors primarily address misalignment that causes nerve interference.

Though chiropractic care doesn’t treat other health problems directly, families have seen improvement in conditions such as colic, ear infections, reflux, bed wetting, headaches, neck pain, and even infertility.

Dr. Lauren believes that chiropractic care helps get your body functioning how its supposed to.

What if you’re unsure about chiropractic care?

Dr. Lauren suggests that if you’re looking for a drug free solution to a problem that you’re been unable to find otherwise, then you have nothing to lose by trying chiropractic care. People are amazed how gentle the adjustments are.

For more information, visit their website.

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