5 baby gates you didn't know existed (and a $50 giveaway!)

My 9 month old just started crawling, so these days I'm frantically baby-proofing the house at every turn.

Small legos? In the trash.

Oven door that falls open? Secured.

Curtains cords? Wound up.

But there's no baby-proofing tool more effective or versatile than baby gates.

And they've come a long way, baby!

Here are some interesting uses for baby gates that you may not have thought about, and some are really cute, too.

1. The driveway guard

How great it this? Your kids can play outside in the driveway without worrying they'll run out into the street.

2. The fireplace protector

Soon the snow will be falling. With this baby gate, you can curl up by the fire with hot cocoa for the whole family without worrying about burns.

3. The (customized) stair barrier

Some baby gates are made specifically for stairways so your little ones don't tumble down (or climb up) inadvertently. I love this "Welcome" baby gate from projectnursery.com that act as a safety tool and welcome sign.

4. The doggie bedroom

My dogs will probably never get a bedroom that's as cute as this, but a girl can dream of a world in which she has enough time for projects like this! There are some ridiculously cute ideas at tailandfur.com.

5. The barnyard door

Here's a baby gate that won't cramp your style. So stylish, and so sturdy! Check out all different versions of this on Pinterest here.

Soooo, about that ***$50 gift card giveaway*** you may be interested in!

To enter:

1. Leave a comment telling us which idea is your favorite, (or how you've used a baby gate in your home).

2. Share this blog post on Facebook!

The giveaway runs until next Sunday, October 30th, and we'll announce the winner on this page. Good luck!

This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of a gift certificate.


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