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Do you need to worry about the Zika virus this winter? (sponsored)

(Thank you to our partners at Rove Pest Control for this important information!)You live in Wisconsin. It’s cold, and there are very few mosquitos. But should you still worry about the Zika virus?

Obviously, the concern for contracting the Zika virus decreases significantly when you live in a place with a cold winter and devoid of mosquitos.

If you’re sticking around Wisconsin, the biggest concern is avoiding sexual contact with people who have travelled to high risk areas.

If you are visiting high risk areas or areas with mosquitos in general, and during the active mosquito season, be sure to eliminate standing water, which is where most mosquitoes breed.

Wear protective clothing and effective, EPA-registered bug spray.

As the weather warms up around Wisconsin, you’ll want to take more precautions. See above infographic for more information.

What are some symptoms of the zika virus?

The zika virus is only transferred through a bite from an infected mosquito, sexual contact with an infected person, through a blood transfusion, or it can also be passed from a pregnant mother to child.

Symptoms of the zika virus are often misdiagnosed, or people infected never go into the doctor since it can be confused with allergies or the flu.

The symptoms and virus tend to leave your system after a week or two according to doctors.

The virus may cause symptoms such as a rash, headaches, fever, joint pain, muscle pain, and red eyes.

But the main issues arise if you happen to be pregnant. The Zika virus has been shown to cause some problems with birth defects as well as the standard list of symptoms.

The most common birth defect is microcephaly (a smaller than usual head). Unfortunately, most children diagnosed with this end up suffering from brain damage in addition to the smaller head.

If you happen to be pregnant or are expecting to become pregnant, it is more important to keep yourself safe from this virus.

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