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Family movie night transformed with new Moto Z Mods (Sponsored)

Verizon’s new Moto Z and Moto Z Force smartphones have just made your family movie nights way cooler.

These phones, along with the accompanying “Moto Mods” that connect to them, can transform your phone into a movie projector (seriously), a much-louder speaker, and a battery pack (not that I would ever forget to charge my phone).

What is a “Moto Mod”, you ask? It’s just a thin attachment that connects securely to your phone. You can also call it “the attachment thingy” if you want.

To try the new Mods out, we had a little mom blogger soiree at The Party Room attached to Yo-Mama Frozen Yogurt in ‘Tosa.

Look! That’s Amber Storm from And that’s all of us learning about these handy new Moto Mods.

First of all, The Party Room is awesome. It’s an intimate space that holds about 50 people, complete with a disco ball and large photo booth stocked with costumes. Perfect for a birthday party.

After we mingled and nibbled on some food, we got to see the new Moto Z and its Mods in action.

Kyle, affectionately known as “the Verizon Guy”, showed us how the Mods attach to the phone. (With magnets. Super strong magnets.)

First he showed us the speaker mod. Once it’s attached to your phone, your music and other audio is amplified much more loudly than just using your regular phone. (It was perfect when we used it at a pool party the following day.) It also has a nifty little stand.

Then Kyle showed us the Insta-Share Projector Mod, which literally turns your phone into a full-powered projector.


For reals.

It projects the video on your phone up to 70 inches wide.

This little dude was riveted! And who wouldn’t be? Check out the image projected onto our playroom wall over the weekend:

(Since this event, we’ve projected videos on our playroom wall, dining room wall, and kitchen wall, just because we can. At this rate, pretty soon someone’s going to be projecting on the bathroom wall.)

And last, but not least, Kyle showed us the magical little mod that helps you to be a responsible adult person who never forgets to charge their phone. You pop this Power Pack onto your phone and it extends the battery life up to 22 hours.

Of course there were ooh’s and aah’s, and lots of questions.

“How do I attach the mods?” (It’s magnetic.)

“Won’t my kids break it?” (Not with the shatter-proof screen.)

“Can it really get through a whole movie before it dies?” (Yes.)

“Is this exclusive to Verizon?” (Yup.)

After the group demo, we got to try them out for ourselves. The Mods really do pop on easily and securely. And considering the power of these devices, they are really sleek. They also have designer versions, like the Kate Spade battery pack featured below:

Honestly, I’m so not a techy person. But even I was thinking, “Woah. These are cool. I could really use these.”

And my husband, who is a techy person, is basically ready to buy one. (He claims this whole “mod” thing is the way of the future. And he’s never wrong. 😉 )

All the mom bloggers seemed impressed, too. They used #motozmke and #verizon to share their experience on Twitter and Instagram.

And, of course, frozen yogurt was had by all. Definitely try the salted caramel if you’re at Yo Mama. Or just pile on a bunch of ridiculous toppings, as pictured below. YUM.

So, about that ***giveaway*** that you might be interested in.

Verizon was kind enough to provide us with two Movie Night giveaway packages. So two lucky winners will each receive:

Mophie power station ($79.95 retail value – quickly charges smartphones, tablets and USB devices)

-$25 gift card to Marcus Theaters, along with fountain drink and popcorn coupons

-movie candy and popcorn

To enter, email, with the subject line “Enter Verizon Giveaway”, and tell us which “Moto Mod” is your favorite!

The giveaway will run for one week. I’ll contact you by email if you’re a winner. Good luck!

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