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7 must-have back to school apps & technology

1. Best for homework: MyHomework

This free app acts like a student planner on your phone or tablet. (In fact, some schools are using this app to replace paper planners.) MyHomework allows students to track their assignments, projects and tests. It gives them automatic due date reminders and helps to eliminate missing assignments and late work.

2. Best for studying: Quizlet

By day, I’m a public school teacher, and I can’t recommend Quizlet highly enough for your student’s studying needs. Your student can use Quizlet to study vocabulary and study terms from any of their classes. Quizlet will automatically generate flashcards, games like “Scatter” and “Gravity”, and practice quizzes using the terms you choose. It makes studying fun, personalized, and even addictive! 😉

3. Best for health goals: GeoPalz Power Key

If there’s anything I’m buying for my five year old this Fall, it’s the GeoPalz ibitz Power Key. It’s just $19.00 and it’s like a FitBit for kids. This wireless activity tracker ties your child’s every step to a cute virtual pet, making physical activity even more fun. Secure the durable, water-resistant tracker to your child’s shoe and get started. Every step your child takes unlocks new levels and games, and they’ll learn about health and nutrition with mini-games that are available in the free app.

4. Best for foreign language learning: DuoLingo

Did I mention above that I’m a Spanish teacher? While this program won’t substitute a foreign language class, it will support your child’s language learning at home and completely for free. DuoLingo turns foreign language lessons into games packed full of listening, speaking, and translating. It tallies up “hot streaks” and hearts measuring your progress. It will reinforce vocabulary and basic foreign language skills. It’s available in Spanish, French and more.

5. Best for art projects – Artkive

Chances are, you’ll be buried in art projects by the end of September. If it’s just too painful to part with them forever, use Artkive to capture photos of your child’s art projects and turn them into truly beautiful keepsakes. They offer high-quality custom books, phone cases, blankets, canvas wraps, shower curtains and lots of other products, all emblazoned with your child’s artwork.

6. Best for hydration (did you know that was a category?!) – Gululu interactive bottle

Okay, so this is actually only available for pre-order on Kickstarter. This colorful water bottle interacts with your child with a Tamaguchi-like smart toy that helps them stay healthy and hydrated. The pets come alive as you drink more water, and you can reach new levels and gain more powers the more water you drink.

Truth be told, I probably (read: definitely) won’t be spending $99.00 on a water bottle. But I’m just happy to know that these cool things exist, and that eventually someday they will probably be more affordable.

7. Best for getting little kids out the door – KinderClock

This app costs just .99 cents, and it might be the best dollar you’ve ever spent. It helps young kids understand the concept of time using simple, repetitive pictures, (such as yellow duckies seen here), that each represent one minute. The ducks disappear as the minutes go by, encouraging your little one to get ready to go before all of the objects disappear.

What’s your go-to back-to-school app or favorite technology? Leave a comment below!

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