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Sendik’s online ordering is a mom’s best friend

This afternoon, I drove with my newborn through the pouring rain to the Sendik’s in Whitefish Bay. I pulled my minivan into the parking lot and found a spot designated for customers using Sendik’s Express, their new online ordering system.

I texted the number shown on the sign to let them know I was there for pickup. I immediately received a message back letting me know they would be right out with my order.

A few minutes later, my “personal shopper” appeared with 8 bags of groceries, filled with the foods I had personally picked online earlier that day.

I have to admit, I kind of felt like Kim Kardashian.

My days of fearing the trip to the grocery store with children in tow are officially over.

Sendik’s online ordering is truly a mom’s best friend. (And no one is paying me to say this, by the way.)

The charge is $5.99, which I consider completely and totally worth every penny.

My personal shopper even gave me a call when she noticed they were out of one of the items I ordered. She wanted to make sure I was okay with a different brand.

And to top it off, since I was a first time Sendik’s Express customer, and my order was over $100, I got a free item. I was able to choose between Sendik’s kringle, Sendik’s popcorn or mufffins from their bakery. (I chose the muffins!)

Try it yourself if you like!

What do you think? Is grocery shopping online super convenient or totally unnecessary for you? Leave a comment below!

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