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Pies and Pizzas on Pi Day!

Pi Day is this Saturday, March 14th (3/14/15 = 3.1415...). This may only come once in a lifetime, so it's definitely an excuse to enjoy some pizza or pie. And who doesn't love a good discount?!

To celebrate, Blaze Pizza, is offering $3.14 individual pies from 11 AM – 10 PM at their Bayshore and Brookfield locations.

They're also running a special Instagram promotion to celebrate Pi Day: every 314th guest to post a picture of themselves with their pizza on Instagram using the hashtag #blazepizza will receive a “round” of 10 free pizza passes. More information is available at

For dessert, enjoy $2 off whole pies from Bakers Square all day long on March 14. Check out their Mint Brownie Blast pie pictured here.

Make a pie reservation online or find the location nearest you:

Happy Pi Day!

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