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Streets of Old Milwaukee reopens tomorrow!

Is there anyone living in this city who does not love the Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit in the Milwaukee Public Museum? I think not.

Nearly everyone must have fond memories of wandering down the cobblestone streets, strolling past that fabulous candy store, peeking in the windows of early Milwaukee inhabitants. What a way to awaken a child’s imagination!

Originally opened in January 1965, The Streets of Old Milwaukee was one of the first of its kind. It is, not surprisingly, one of the most visited spots in the museum.

To celebrate the exhibit’s 50th year, it’s been renovated to give museum visitors an even more exciting experience. The grand opening is tomorrow, December 11th.

When you visit the updated exhibit, you’ll find:

-A life-sized street car entrance

-A renovated general store (you can go inside and see the products, as well)

-A new peek inside the Pfister entrance, with the original doors

-Good ol’ Granny on her rocking chair (check out her Twitter account!)

-the Watson Family Home, a tribute to one of the city’s first prominent black families

-updated artifacts, changing twice yearly, to keep the exhibit fresh each time you visit

-and more more!

You can even download a new Streets of Old Milwaukee app, and have actual Streets residents be your tour guide, giving you specific information about the storefront or historical objects that you’re looking at.

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