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5 steps to a Thanksgiving DIY Pie Bar

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves a make-your-own bar of any kind. But a DIY Pie Bar for your Thanksgiving dessert? Yes, please!

I’m so glad the kind folks at Bakers Square contacted me to get my spin on a DIY Pie Bar for the holiday season, because, well, it’s delicious. And fun. And delicious.

Did I mention that?

Here are five steps to put together your own DIY Pie Bar this Thanksgiving.

(Or Christmas, or Hanukkah, or just because you like pie.)

1. Choose seasonal pies and toppings.

I’m not an especially talented pie-maker (or an especially talented maker of anything, really), so I appreciated the autumn-themed ones that Bakers Square dropped off.

Country Apple toppings: caramel, cranberry sauce, whipped cream

Harvest Pumpkin toppings: mini-marshmallows, butterscotch chips, (so good!), sugar cookie crumble, whipped cream

Southern Pecan toppings: chocolate drizzle, cherries, whipped cream

Just for fun toppings: Mini m&m’s, cinnamon bears

P.S. Baker Square’s pies are all less than $15.00, super delicious, and available at their four local locations in Shorewood, Elm Grove, West Allis and Greenfield. They’re open until 11:00 p.m. the day before Thanksgiving, and until 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Or you can order online.

2. Place pies at different levels for visual interest.

See? Kinda cute.

3. Put toppings in interesting self-serve dishes.

I chose sundae glasses so that you could see through the container, but any cute bowls you have lying around would work. I think a mix and match style would look really great, too.

4. Add personal touches.

I made little labels with cardstock paper. Just in case people didn’t know it was apple pie. (Okay, I just did it because I thought it was cute.)

I thought the holiday lights and miniature leaves added festive flair.

And the chalkboard. Love the chalkboard. Because, after all, who isn’t thankful for pie?

So let’s write it on a chalkboard.

5. Um, what are you waiting for? Eat the pie!

If you’re my husband and kids, you had to wait for me to take all kinds of pictures from every different angle. I had to swat them away several times. Mini marshmallows were given out to buy me some time.

But when we finally got to dig in, it was so worth it!

My favorite was the Harvest Pumpkin pie with marshmallows and butterscotch chips. Or maybe the cherries on the Southern Pecan pie mixed with caramely filling.

I don’t know. Do I have to choose?

I tell you what. I’ll go have another piece to decide for sure which is my favorite.

Thanks, Bakers Square. This post was so fun to write, and I know the readers of will have a blast putting together their own DIY Pie Bars!

Share your pictures of your own pie bar this holiday and post it to Bakers Square Facebook page for a chance to win a $500 gift card.

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