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The dinosaurs are back at the Milwaukee County Zoo

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Expedition Dinosaur has returned this year, and the outdoor exhibit was packed on Wednesday with kids and families seeking adventure.

To find the exhibit, just follow the huge white dinosaur tracks from the entrance of the zoo.

The exhibit costs $2.50 per person, but kids under 2 are free. If you have a Zoo Pass, be sure to hand it to the attendant to see if you have any free tickets pre-loaded on your card.

The life-size dinosaurs are spread out along a circular path, standing among the trees and behind ropes. You can read interesting facts about each one, but the real fun is in their real life movement and sound.

Some are a bit scary, some are friendly, and others are just plain wacky-looking. There’s even a section with baby dinosaurs. The exhibit organizers saved T-rex for the end, and he doesn’t disappoint!

My four-year-old was terrified of him, but safely escaped the wrath by stealthily darting through the crowd. (My one-year-old liked the dinosaurs a little too much. She wouldn’t last long in the wild.)

Many mini-visitors seemed to particularly love the dinosaurs that sprayed water on them. Perfect on a hot summer day!

The exhibit runs through September 7th and is sponsored by Sendik’s Food Markets.

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