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Bounce Milwaukee saves the day

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My special little man turned four this month, and I naturally wanted to give him a super awesome birthday party.

But honestly, we’re in the middle of a move, and I. Just. Can’t.

I really needed to book the party with a place that would take care of everything. I knew from working with Ryan at Bounce Milwaukee that his facility would be the perfect place. I was right!

Bounce Milwaukee is everything you hope it will be – bright, safe, full of energy – but then it exceeds your expectations with its cleanliness and dedication to local foods and products like Sprecher, Purple Door ice cream and Classy Girl Cupcakes.

Honestly, I booked the party, invited the guests, and I didn’t do much else. I did bring in my own cake (Canfora Bakery). And I put together some goodie bags (but they’ll do that for you if you want).

We basically showed up, met our friendly, energetic host (Luke), and the kids had a ball. They ran around like lunatics for about an hour, and then we all met in the party room for pizza and soda. Each kid was given their own cup with their name written in Sharpie. This organized mom loved that. Then they ran around some more, played some laser tag, and some ventured up the rock wall.

Towards the end of the two hour party, it was time for cake. I felt like such a terrible mother when I realized I hadn’t brought candles. I had a serious melt-down moment. My son wouldn’t get his glorious moment blowing out the candles! I panicked. And I may have cried a little.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much to the gang at Bounce Milwaukee for breaking into their very own stash of birthday candles and saving the day. I knew you were a full service birthday party place, but this really went above and beyond.

I also loved how you wheeled out our presents on a cart so that we could more easily load them into the car. I kind of felt like Oprah for a moment.

Use coupon code MiltownMoms and get $10 off when you book your par-tay at Bounce Milwaukee.

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