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A techy mom’s best friend

Last week, the kind folks over at Loopy Cases sent me a new i-Phone case to review for my readers.

They thought that busy moms might benefit from a phone case that is designed to make it almost impossible to drop – no matter how many kids and objects you’re carrying!

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I mostly accepted their offer because my previous phone case had been chewed up by my teething one-year-old.

I was unsure that I would actually use the silicone loop sticking out of the back of this case, and I was kind of worried it would annoy me. But I thought, worse case scenario, I’ll have a new phone case that isn’t full of one-year-old saliva residue. (Gross!)

Fast forward one week, and I have to admit, I really like this phone case.

Here are the pros, followed by the cons:

1.) Durable, but not bulky. I hate having phone cases that make my phone look like Zach Morris’s, but I know that with my mommy lifestyle, I can’t pull off a sleek and chic case like my single friends can. This phone reaches a nice middle ground.

2.) The loop has stopped the drop. The company’s catch-phrase is “Stop the Drop,” and the phone definitely does that. The finger loop on the back of the case has made it so that I haven’t dropped my phone once this week. (And dropping my phone is usually a regular occurence. Thank goodness it hasn’t broken by now.)

3.) Easy bed browsing. Okay, I know I shouldn’t be bringing my phone into bed. But I do. And this phone allows me to browse to my heart’s content without dropping the phone on my face. This has sadly happened to me a few times. (What a terrible, terrible moment in one’s life, when their own phone comes dropping down to slam into their face.)

4.) I can carry a bunch of stuff at once. If you have an armful of stuff, as we moms usually do, you can more easily carry everything and you are less likely to drop and break your phone.

5.) Colors. I love the bright, bold colors they chose.

6.) Conversation piece. Everyone’s always like, “Oh that’s weird. What is that?” And then I show them, and they’re like “Oh, cool!” And then we have a little conversation about it. 😉

Cons – There are just a few things I’ve noticed that I would want improved, though they aren’t deal-breakers.

1.) Hard to turn sound on and off on my phone. The way the case fits makes it a little difficult to reach the on/off sound button on the side of the phone. I can do it with my index finger, but I think my husband with large fingers would have a hard time with it.

2.) Won’t lay flat. Because of the loop on the back, you can’t lay the phone flat on a surface facing up. However, this may actually move to the pro column as I use the phone more. The phone rests comfortably and securely on an incline, with the loop acting almost like a little stand. Kind of fun.

So, there you have it. Loopy cases are a great option for busy moms who have their hands full (literally) all day long. Check them out for yourself at!

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