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The Harley-Davidson Museum is surprisingly family-friendly!

We had a blast at the Harley Davidson Museum for Member Swap Day.

Not surprisingly, my husband was enamored with the vintage motorcycles (Harley Davidson is one of the only motor vehicle companies to keep a model from every year), former mail carriers, and military vehicles on display. Impressive photography exhibits lined the walls, transporting us to a world of gruff motorcycle men and the open road. There’s even a rusty, weathered motorcycle on display that was recovered from the 2004 tsunami.

Even I was impressed and entertained at this museum, and I’m really not a motorcycle chick.

But we were especially surprised at how family-friendly the museum is. There is a space for kids to try on typical motorcycle clothes, read motorcycle books, and of course, hop on all different kinds of bikes. They can even build their dream bike and take pictures in the cut-out displays. My three year old was not bored once, and it was a successful family outing. If we did it again, I would hang around the Harley-Davison village, eat at Motor Restaurant, and make a day of it.

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