We're all learning to navigate these waters together, and we've put some resources together to help guide you through uncharted territory.

First, we put all the online education ideas in ONE place for you, organized by subject. (There's even a sample homeschool schedule to get you started.) Then we came up with two weeks worth of fun and easy science experiments you can do at home. 

For the days when you run out of ideas, keep it simple with our handy list of 25 sweet and cozy ideas.

We're also serving up 10 ideas for how to stay connected with friends, and simple and fun ways to relax on the weekend.

Want to help teach your children about the coronavirus? Here's a good eBook for younger kids, and one for older kids

And, when you need a break, give ABCMouse.com a try (free, of course!). It's great for ages 2-8, and has fun reading and math games. We're a proud affiliate.

We'll be updating this page regularly, so check back for creative and fun ideas to help your family get through this challenging time.